Smile Makeover in Singapore


What are Smile Makeovers?

A Smile Makeover is an umbrella term to describe the transformation of a smile that might be misshapen, discolored and crooked to one that is enhanced and inline with the facial aesthetics of the patient. The result is an even, well balanced smile that is of a lighter color in line with the aesthetics of the patient’s face. Any obvious crookedness of the teeth will be corrected or camouflaged. A smile makeover can be complicated and involve many aspects of dentistry in order to achieve the end aesthetic result. A complicated case might first involve braces to align teeth, implants to replace missing teeth, crowns and veneers to beautify the individual teeth and whitening at the end, such a case might require several years of treatment. A more typical case would be the placement of veneers to camouflage over the disfiguration and the process might be done in a short span of 2 visits a week apart.

Why do you need Smile Makeovers?

Any cosmetic problem that affects the smile broadly can be corrected by a smile makeover. For a more holistic approach, dentists sometimes work with trusted aesthetic doctors to integrate the smile design with a full facial aesthetic result. Most Smile makeovers consist of carefully crafted and designed veneers that camouflage the misshapen teeth that sit underneath.

What can I expect during a Smile Makeover

  1. Understanding the desired outcome is key to a happy and satisfied patient. During discussions, a dentist will make consideration of concerns that the patient has about their smile and the way it makes them feel. A digital scan or physical impression is taken to create a physical mock up of our planned work so the patients can visualise the end result. Often we can temporarily place that mock up on the patient’s actual teeth and they can get a much better look and feel of the potential makeover. 
  2. Once the patient is happy with the planned outcome, They are scheduled for another session to recontour and shape their teeth to make room for the porcelain material that will form the veneer. During this visit, the only decision that needs to be confirmed is the color of the teeth. Since the teeth will be covered by a piece of porcelain veneer, there is no added need to whiten the teeth being treated. 
  3.  At a subsequent visit, usually a week later, we cement the veneers to the teeth

How much does a Smile Makeover cost in Singapore

The cost of a smile makeover is largely determined by how many teeth need to be treated. For a much uniformed treatment, the veneers are often done in pairs and across as many teeth that are in the smile. This can be from 2 to 20 teeth.