What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a treatment that can be performed with fixed braces and removable appliances. In the past, removable appliances have only been able to assist with simpler tooth movements but these days clear aligners like Invisalign can almost detail teeth positions as well as traditional fixed braces. Your teeth are then shifted with subtle forces over a period of time. Hence, regular appointments are necessary for the treatment to be monitored and guided properly. 

When you consider fixing braces, there are metal brackets that can be stuck on the teeth, white ceramic brackets and clear ones too. The white and clear brackets help minimise the visibility of the treatment. For more complex cases, we refer to one of our trusted specialist orthodontics and occasionally multi specialist orthodontic treatment is performed with the assistance of Ear Nose and Throat surgeons (ENT) and oral maxillofacial surgeons

Orthodontic treatment can be performed with: