Dental Crowns


What is a dental crown & What is it for?

A dental crown is a type of dental restoration that covers over what remains of a tooth. This is often done to strengthen a tooth that has been weakened by decay or trauma. Sometimes the crown is used to strengthen a tooth after root canal treatment. Occasionally, a crown will have the dual function of beautifying the tooth by covering up any cosmetic defects which are difficult to remove or are too destructive to remove.

Types of dental crowns

Crowns are generally categorized by the type of material they are fabricated from. Broadly speaking, we have metallic and non-metallic types. More commonly, we tend to use non-metallic crowns because they have better aesthetics. Also, they are more translucent and have a better biocompatibility. This means the patients will not experience any metal reactions.

Process of Getting a Dental Crown

  1. A crown treatment is performed over 2 visits. 
  2. At the first visit a mold is taken of the tooth and local anesthetic administered. 
  3. The tooth is then prepared in line with the material requirements. 
  4. Next, a mold is then taken of the prepared tooth and a temporary crown fabricated and placed over the prepared tooth. 
  5. The temporary crown prevents food from irritating the surrounding gum. It also helps stop the drift of adjacent teeth and helps prevent damage to the tooth in between visits.
  6. During your next visit, the temporary crown is removed, cleansed and the porcelain brown is finally cemented on top.

Dental Crown Cost in Singapore

Dental Crowns in Singapore costs around $1800.00, depending on its material.