What is Myobrace?

Myobrace is a no-braces pre-orthodontic approach to help straighten your teeth and jaws. This treatment address the poor oral habits that contribute to crooked teeth

What’s the approach when treating Myobrace?

We offer a blend of myofunctional therapy apart from just Myobrace like Myomunchee, Myobrace, biobloc, BWS and extensive myofunctional exercises.

What causes crooked teeth?

It is a common belief that crowded teeth, incorrect jaw development and other orthodontic problems are caused by either large teeth in small jaws or other hereditary factors. Modern research has shown that mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, thumb sucking and reverse swallowing are known as incorrect myofunctional habits. These problems may cause incorrect jaw development, asthma, allergies and an open mouth posture that contributes towards the jaws developing incorrectly. 

How does myobrace treatment work?

Myobrace treatment involves using a series of appliances which have the proven dual function of correcting habits that causes you poor dental development, while also providing light forces to align the teeth into their natural position Wearing a Myobrace appliance for one to two hours a day and while sleeping, combined with a series of myofunctional exercises each day is all it takes for visible changes to occur

How long does treatment generally take?

The time taken for the Myobrace treatment is usually comparable to the time needed for treatment by braces. Instead of being fixed to the teeth, Myobrace appliances are removable and require one to two hours of use every day and overnight.

Will the treatment be painful?

No, it is not painful. During the first few days there may be a small amount of sensitivity, however after a couple of days, the sensitivity will stop.

What are the benefits of Myobrace?

  • Straighten teeth 
  • Removing bad influences on the patient’s dental and facial development
  • Help children have a better facial development to achieve their full genetic potential
  • Improves posture
  • Fewer problems with the teeth, mouth and jaw joints.