Introduction about braces

Braces are a form of orthodontic treatment. In general, orthodontic treatment relates to the movement of your teeth and jaws into a more favourable position. This movement can be done for cosmetic or functional reasons to allow better speech and mastication. Other types of orthodontic treatment include Myobrace, invisalign, traditional fixed (bracketed) braces and removable appliances.

Benefit of wearing braces

Traditionally-fixed braces are generally the most efficient way to move teeth. Metal or ceramic brackets are cemented onto the tooth and a wire that fits into the brackets slowly aligns the teeth as the wire straightens out. Also, the wire is changed every few weeks by the dentist and thus, regular appointments are necessary.

Types of braces

Fixed braces can be metal or ceramic. Functionally, they are not very different and most of the time, the decision to use metal or ceramics is dictated by cost. Generally metal braces are cheaper but some metal braces have added functionality for the dentist and they provide a distinct operator advantage that may reduce the treatment time or ease the use of the braces.

How much do braces cost in Singapore?

At Dental Essence, the cost of braces starts from $4500.00, The cost will increase with complexity and the duration. Conversely for simpler cases the cost could be lower. Patients need to bear in mind that there are additional costs for retainers at the end of the treatment. 

Braces for children

Braces are generally the orthodontic treatment choice for children, because it is a fixed option. This simply means that parents do not have to worry about compliance. When it is fixed onto the teeth, the patient is in effect compliant with the treatment the whole time. This is in contrast to patients that choose a removable option where they can remove the appliance at certain times (ie eating or for work). Orthodontic movements do not work well when the orthodontic force is not applied consistently or frequently enough.