All You Need To Know About Dental Scaling and Polishing in Singapore

We are often advised to visit the dentist twice a year to ensure our dental health. If you have  been taking that advice you probably already know that during these visits, you will go through a scaling and polishing procedure which is often referred to as teeth cleaning. But you may wonder what it is all about.
And if you have not been going to those recommended visits; What is scaling and polishing, and why is this procedure so important you ask? Read on to know all about it as we provide you with the answer to all your concerns!

What is Teeth Scaling and Polishing? 

Teeth Scaling and Polishing is one of the most common services conducted by dentists. You are advised to go through this procedure because despite the daily brushing and flossing of your teeth, plaque is still able to build up which in the long run, could potentially cause gum diseases or tooth decay. Hence, these check ups for a cleaning session is necessary. 

The scaling procedure is done to remove hardened plaque called calculus which causes teeth damage and gum diseases. The removal is done using ultrasonic scalers to make sure that no damage is done to the teeth through the use of ultrasonic vibrations. In the past, hand scalers were used, but this modern device can do it in a much shorter period of time. 

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Polishing is often followed after scaling as scaling leaves the teeth feeling rough. The device used during polishing is a spinning polishing brush or cup that removes stains and left over plaque on the surface of your teeth while smoothening the external surface of your teeth. The reason this smoothening procedure is included is because it will make it harder for dirt to attach itself to your teeth due to the smooth and less frictional texture disallowing it to do so. 

The cleaning session often ends with the application of a concentrated fluoridated gel when your dentist sees it necessary. If you have gone through it before you may have realised its distinct sweet flavour. This gel is lathered on to prevent tooth decay by making your teeth resistant to bacteria.

Why Should I Go Through Scaling and Polishing Procedures for my Teeth?

Brushing and flossing your teeth may slow down the growth of plaque and tartar, but they will eventually form nevertheless. To ensure the health and glow of that smile, scaling and polishing your teeth is recommended. When the dentist scales and polishes your teeth you will surely come out of their clinic with a brighter and fresher smile than before. Teeth stains, especially extrinsic teeth stains caused by your diet (coffee, tea, and red wine) and tobacco consumption is inevitable at some point. Polishing your teeth at the recommended time would ensure that you maintain that bright white smile. 

On the other hand, harmful bacteria that could cause gum inflammation and tooth decay is able to live and prosper in the plaque and tartar in your teeth as well as under your gums. Professional scaling and polishing will remove the tartar build up while your dentist can spot any irregularities on your teeth that may be harmful such as cracks. Continue to visit the dentist regularly to ensure your overall dental health and that any signs of detrimental dental issues can be spotted early on. 

To add on to these facts, scaling and polishing at the recommended rate can save you from bad breath! Say goodbye to bad breath and hello to a fresh and confident smile through scaling and polishing. If you need further reasons as to why you should go through with the procedure, let us tell you that scaling and polishing is fundamental to many dental procedures including getting braces, invisalign, teeth whitening, cosmetic filling and more. This is because it ensures the cleanliness of the area that is focused on in the mentioned procedures. For instance, during teeth whitening, scaling and polishing is done to clean the surface of your teeth so that the whitening agents are not blocked by tartar or stains on your teeth. Another instance is when getting fillings done, your teeth go through the procedure in order for the fillings to not get contaminated. 

How Does The Process of Scaling and Polishing Go?

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First of all, once you have made your appointment and called into the dentist’s office, your dentist will examine the condition of your teeth and gums which will then be proceeded with scaling and polishing.  

The scaling process will be done by removing the plaque and tartar on your teeth and the line of your gum through the use of an ultrasonic cleaning tool. In some instances, Root-Planning might be required to remove tartar that is attached on the root surfaces of the gum. This is usually done with the traditional hand scaling tool. 

The next step is polishing. Once scaling is completed, the teeth might feel a little rough and have some stains on the surface of the teeth. For tough stains, an air-powder spray is used while in usual circumstances a rotating brush with cleaning paste is used. Your teeth will look smooth and glossy after this procedure. On top of that, polishing will also make your teeth easier to clean and maintain at home because the smooth surface makes it hard for plaque to stick. 

With that, you’re all done! Walk out with a fresher, brighter, and cleaner smile into your next pursuit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often should I go for a scale and polish?
    Dentists would usually recommend going for a scale and polish every 6 months to ensure your dental health. You may need to go at a more frequent rate if you practice smoking, have bad breath problems, have a history of tooth decay or gum disease. It is best to consult your dentist on when your next appointment should be as they would know your teeth best! 
  2. Is scaling and polishing painful? 

If you do your scaling and polishing on a regular basis, pain should not be a cause of concern. What would often cause pain is thick and stubborn plaque and tartar which happens when you rarely go for the procedure. 

  1. My gums are bleeding, what should I do?

Bleeding gums are a sign of inflammation. It occurs because of lack of care towards your dental hygiene causing bacteria to gather and cause said inflammation. Keep brushing your teeth regularly and pay more attention to the area that is bleeding to keep bacteria away. 

  1. How much does teeth scaling and polishing cost in Singapore? 

The price of this procedure varies between kids and adults. For kids, the procedure would usually cost around $125, whereas for adults $175. 

  1. Do I need to go scaling when I frequently floss and brush my teeth?

Yes, it is advised that you do. Even dentists get their scaling and polishing done at the recommended regularity. Your toothbrush or floss might not always cover the crevices and areas that are difficult to access and clean. Hence, scaling and polishing is still necessary no matter how often you brush and floss. 

  1. Would you have to avoid certain activities after the procedure?
    We would recommend that you try to avoid staining food or beverages like curries, wine, coffee, and tea. for the first 24 hours after going through scaling and polishing. Additionally, try your best to avoid smoking or chewing tobacco for a day after getting the procedure done.
  2. Would the procedure require multiple dental visits to be completed?
    The procedure of scaling and polishing your teeth would take no longer than one visit to the dentist in typical situations where no other dental problems such as decay, infections, or others are found. 

Scaling and Polishing Procedure at Dental Essence

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At Dental Essence, we do our best to keep your teeth clean, fresh, and healthy. Our dental scaling and polishing procedures are suitable for you and your young ones. Young or old, we strive to provide the best to our patients. View our price list down below for a typical scale and polish procedure and give us a call for an appointment today!

General check-up and cleaning for Adults: $175 nett
General check-up and cleaning for Kids: $125 nett

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