Linda is thorough, gentle and patient having been practicing for over two decades. She endeavours to educate patients on all options available. In particular– preventative and cost effective longer term treatment solutions.

Dr Yen offers life cycle family health treatments which makes patients smile with confidence:

  • Preventive— prevent and treat oral issues such as decay, gum problems, root canal issues, erosion, grinding, sensitive teeth, cracks, and potential teeth alignment issues.
  • Paediatric care – she used to work in paediatric department in Sydney Dental Hospital. Being a mother of two young kids, Dr Yen understands the challenges that mothers are facing with their little ones.   She is passionate about preventive dentistry, and has information on diet, oral hygiene, fluoride, snoring, grinding and more that she is happy to share.
  • Complex restorative dentistry – Crown and bridge with the latest 3D scanning technology which improves comfort level.
  • Invisalign (certified invisalign provider) – using invisible aligners to straighten teeth.
  • In chair whitening –using the latest generation of Zoom machine to achieve great results.
  • Resin infiltration – a relatively new treatment for white spots without drilling.

Dr Linda Yen is an Australian dentist who graduated with honours from the University of Sydney in 1998.  Since graduation, she has worked in hospital private practices in Australia and the UK.  She moved to Singapore with her husband in 2012.

Dr Yen was admitted to the prestigious Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons in 2008.  She attends various lectures and conferences to get updates on the latest technology. You will get excellent up to date care.

Linda speaks English but is also fluent in Mandarin.